Unique Ceramic Centerpiece- Chasing Lizards - in Red - Handmade Pottery - Original Ceramic Art

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About this Product

  • Chasing Lizards
  • Completely handmade ceramic bowl made in my home studio
  • 10.75" diameter 3.5" tall
  • Decorated in the sgraffito method
  • Glazed interior and waxed exterior
  • Signed by artist

My ceramics are created by intuitive design. Each start with an idea, then the organic shape of the bowl dictates the design.

No two bowls will be alike. 

Starlu Studio

Meet the Maker

Hi, I'm Gina Stark the artist behind Starlu Studio.  On this site you will find my most recent work in ceramic clay.  My ceramic designs are a joyful flexing of creative license combined with a primitive style of art.  I also work in several other art disciplines including painting, and printmaking.   

Check out my YouTube Channel, StarluStudio, to see my work in action.

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How it’s Made

  • Sgraffito bowls are slab built and shaped when leather hard.
  • I paint 3 layers of a contrasting color of underglaze on the clay.
  • While still in leather hard stage, I carve out my design revealing the underlying clay to make the design.
  • After the ceramic is fully dry it gets bisque fired.
  • After bisque the pottery gets painted with glaze, then fired again.
  • Unglazed bowls are waxed to finish.  This gives the pottery a soft sheen finish.


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